Globalization and the Modern World (History/Social Science Elective; US)

Grades 11–12

Globalization is very much in the news. After decades of political and economic elites widely agreeing upon globalization’s value, those advocates are now on the defensive. But what does globalization actually mean politically, economically, and culturally? How has it affected societies and individuals—materially, in overall well-being, in the routines of daily life, and in the construction of identities? Through a wide variety of readings, discussions, projects, writing, and activities, students are introduced to and analyze many different aspects of globalization. Through different units, students examine the political economy, how people make culture in the globally connected age, economics and trade, current issues, and they reflect on the impacts of globalization in the USA and the world at large. Students also prepare a case study and research paper on either China’s or India’s globalization. The course uses a variety of assessments, ranging from traditional to unusual.



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