History 9: Shaping of Our Multicentric World (Required; US)

Linda Johnson

Multicentric means that no one region of the world has global-predominance. This course begins with the laying out of a multicentric world, i.e., a world of powerful but fundamentally autonomous regions; the middle of the course tracks the emergence of European dominance of a global system; and the last part of the course focuses on a new kind of world order where once again there is no single, dominant, defining order/region in the world. Instead, there are multiple, now inter-connected global actors. The course mixes a wide range of analytic and creative assessments that culminate in a joint humanities project with English 9: Literature of Our Multicentric World, in which students both analyze and respond creatively to the historical inequities within Washington, DC. The ninth grade history course includes a unit on hunger and its relationship to historical and social inequities within DC as well as in a larger world context. 

  • Humanities/Language Arts

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