The American Food System: Past, Present, Future (MSON) (History/Social Science Elective; US)

Linda Johnson

Fall; Grades 11–12

Taught by: The Derryfield School

The American Food System consists of the interrelated components of how we get food from “farm to fork,” including the producing, harvesting, processing, transporting, marketing, distributing, and the eating of food. Through a humanities-based, interdisciplinary approach the course will examine the political, social, economic, and environmental aspects of the system, as well as the challenges and opportunities in moving from our current industrial food system to a more sustainable one. Students will engage in a variety of projects, allowing them to understand their regional and local food systems, while learning from their classmates throughout the country. Topics to be covered include animal agriculture, organic farming, local production and distribution, the debate over GMOs, the marketing of unhealthy food to children, and the problem of hunger in America.


  • Humanities/Language Arts

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