The Power of Story (History/Social Science OR Literature Elective; US)

Grades 11–12
May be taken as a history/social science or literature elective

Stories are essential ways we come to know ourselves and the world around us. Stories affirm who we are and where we have been, and allow us to experience the similarities and differences between ourselves and others. This course examines how we choose to tell stories, whose stories get told, and the impact of these decisions on how we learn history. This course focuses on the art of storytelling, looking at the building blocks of what makes a strong narrative. Students study different vehicles for storytelling, including literature, film, oral traditions, art, radio, and newer digital platforms. We use experts from the field to deepen our understanding of the elements of compelling storytelling and participate in storytelling events in the community. In addition, students experiment with a range of mediums to tell their own stories, those of others, and those of history, both past and current. This course is largely student driven and project based, providing class members the opportunity to pursue content that is interesting and exciting to them. This course emphasizes and develops students’ analytical, research, communicative, creative, and collaborative skills.

Summer Reading: 
A memoir of student’s choosing 


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