Mathematics Overview (US)

Requirements: Completion of the math progression through Precalculus or four years of mathematics
Chair: Dr. Berook Alemayehu
See sequence of math courses chart on this page.

Mathematics at Maret is innovative, exciting, rigorous, and challenging. Students at all levels grapple with complex problems, work collaboratively, and present solutions. They acquire content, practice skills, think creatively, synthesize ideas, and master a range of problem-solving techniques. Our students are encouraged to notice and wonder about interesting problems, to tinker with them, to rise to challenges, and to be willing to make mistakes that they can learn from on their way to finding elegant, interesting, and creative solutions. Throughout the program, students broaden their computational and problem-solving skills by developing code using the Python programming language. They also use technological resources appropriately to gather, analyze, and explore real data, model natural phenomena, and solve complex equations. 

The mathematics program reflects a range of abilities, learning styles, and interests. The department offers regular, advanced, and accelerated courses; placement is made through consultation with students, families, and teachers. The program is flexible; students choose an appropriately challenging schedule each year and are not locked into a specific math track. Most Maret students take four years of high school mathematics.



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