Requirements (US)

Students are required to complete 21 credits; a credit is defined as a two-semester course. 

Discipline Requirements

7 credits (including 4 English credits and 3 history)

Completion of math progression through Precalculus or four years of mathematics

3 credits: at least 1 credit in each discipline of biology, chemistry, and physics

World Languages
3 credits in one language OR 2 credits in each of two languages

The Arts and Tech/Computer Science
2 credits total: 1 credit in either performing arts or visual art, and 1 additional credit in either performing arts, visual art, or tech/computer science

Physical Education/Athletics
11 of 12 seasons, or participation on two Maret team sports per year (no credit)

Four years (no credit)

Community Service
30 hours (no credit)



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