Wellness (US)

One class per week


In this year-long class, upper school students, grouped by grade level, learn about and reflect upon their health and well-being. The curriculum in the class covers, in different balances and in age appropriate ways, the six essential prongs of wellness: identity, human development and sexuality, social-emotional learning, mental health, physical health, and digital citizenship. The class also considers how these prongs intersect with students’ academic health and provides ample space to be both preventative and responsive to issues in students’ lives and the world. 

Taught by Maret’s faculty, including counselors and nurses, the class runs 45 minutes, once a week. Although a stand-alone class, Wellness is also taught in conjunction with other elements of Maret’s program, including Advising, PE and Athletics, College Counseling, and other co- and extracurricular activities.


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