PE/Athletics Overview (US)

Chair: Liz Hall


Maret’s physical education and athletics programs center on student achievement and enjoyment. Through a variety of team and individual physical activities, students learn good sportsmanship and self-discipline. Students develop skills, learn basic rules and strategies, and gain an understanding of the importance of lifelong physical fitness. 

The school year is divided into three athletic seasons. Students partake in a combination of physical education and/or interscholastic team sports 11 of the 12 seasons between Grades 9 and 12. Students who successfully complete 11 seasons may choose a one-season exemption during senior year. An exception is made to this requirement for students who participate in two Maret team sports in one year: these students have the option of taking the third season off.

Interscholastic Team Sports

Twenty-five Maret junior varsity and varsity teams participate in interscholastic competition:


Cross Country, Coed Varsity

Football, Boys Varsity

Golf, Coed Varsity

Soccer, Boys JV and Varsity

Soccer, Girls JV and Varsity

Tennis, Girls Varsity (Boys in spring)

Volleyball, Girls JV and Varsity


Basketball, Boys JV and Varsity

Basketball, Girls JV and Varsity

Club Ice Hockey, Boys Varsity

Swimming, Coed Varsity


Baseball, Boys JV and Varsity

Lacrosse, Boys Varsity

Lacrosse, Girls JV and Varsity

Softball, Girls Varsity

Tennis, Boys Varsity (Girls in fall)

Track and Field, Coed Varsity

Ultimate Frisbee, Coed Varsity


Girls compete in the Independent School League (ISL), and boys compete in the Mid-Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAC). Participation on interscholastic teams is encouraged. Tryouts are required for team sports; selection is based on ability.

Physical Education and Lifetime Activities

Students choose activities that promote lifelong physical fitness and pleasure. All activities are held after school and include:


Strength and Conditioning



Strength and Conditioning 

Upper School Musical Cast



Step Team (student run group)

Strength and Conditioning


Independent Physical Education

Prerequisites: Department approval

Students who wish to pursue an activity not offered at Maret may apply for an independent PE program, including verification of time fulfilled and instruction received. Three hours of supervised instruction per week are required. 

Recent independent PE programs include horseback riding, crew, dance (jazz, ballet, and modern), martial arts, and rock climbing. 


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