Performing Arts Overview (US)

Requirements: Grade 9: 1 credit in performing arts or visual art; Grades 10–12: 1 additional credit in performing arts, visual art, or tech/computer science

(Exception: double-language students satisfy their two credits during grades 10–12, 1 credit must be in the arts, the other may be in the arts or tech/computer science)

Chair: Charles Owens

The Performing Arts Department develops self-expression through theatrical and musical arts. By creating, performing, analyzing, and critiquing dramatic and musical performances, students broaden their view of the world. 

Through music, students develop vocal, compositional, and instrumental technique. They also examine the basic elements of music: melody, harmony, form, rhythm, texture, and timbre. Participating in performing arts ensembles, students develop aesthetic sensitivity, advance their vocal and instrumental skill, and experience success in a group structure. 

In drama, students view and construct dramatic works and study performance techniques in large group settings. Maret’s theatrical productions introduce students to acting technique, dancing, and singing, set building and design, and aspects of life set in historical periods.

All Performing Arts courses are full year, one credit.


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