Advanced Topics in Chemistry (MSON) (US)

Spring; Grades 11–12
Prerequisite: Chem Study or equivalent
Taught by: Maret School

This semester course explores aspects of chemistry that are often skimmed over or omitted in most chemistry courses—chemical applications and the history of chemistry. Real-world applications abound in areas such as nuclear, medical, atmospheric, industrial, food, water, and consumer product chemistry. We will begin with an exploration of energy sources such as nuclear power, solar power, and lithium ion batteries. We will then explore computing—both the properties of the elements that power the computers we use every day, as well as computational techniques  that have revolutionized the ability of scientists and students to visualize and understand chemical processes at a molecular level.

Throughout the semester, we also explore the history and life events of scientists who discovered the chemical elements and have impacted the history of the world through chemistry. In independent projects, students will explore the periodic table for daily applications and technologies, from cell phones to photovoltaic cells to medical treatments. This course will be heavy in applications and theory, with less of the traditional problem-solving found in other courses.


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