Science Overview (US)

3 credits; at least one credit in each discipline of biology, chemistry, and physics

Reyna Pratt

See chart on this page for sequence of science courses.

Maret’s upper school science program includes a wide selection of courses in each discipline, geared to a range of scientific abilities and interests. Students have several options for progressing through the program; see the accompanying sequence chart for possible scenarios. 

The Science Department provides students with challenging hands-on experience and instruction. Three years of science are required; most students complete four or more courses. Some juniors and seniors take two sciences concurrently. Students are required to take a course in each discipline of biology, chemistry, and physics. Some courses develop the advanced knowledge and laboratory techniques needed to excel in college science; others provide students with the breadth of scientific knowledge and problem-solving skills needed in real-world situations. 

Maret has three fully equipped upper school science labs. Most science courses are laboratory-based, and all require critical analysis and the application of mathematics at a level appropriate to the course. Technology is used to enhance data collection and analysis. 


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