Ceramics (US)

1 credit

Ceramics 1.0–1.5
Prerequisite: 0–0.5 credit in ceramics
Students explore the various uses of clay as an art medium. They learn the fundamentals of working with clay within both functional and sculptural approaches. Students are introduced to various clays, glazes, and finishing techniques, using the hands-on techniques of coil, slab, press molds, modeling, and the potter’s wheel. They develop a strong sense of design and craftsmanship and the beginnings of a personal direction in clay. 

Ceramics 2.0–2.5
Prerequisite: 1.0–1.5 credits in ceramics
Students embark on an in-depth study of the technical and conceptual aspects of clay work. Building on previous skills, students expand their knowledge base and understanding of a variety of clays, glazes, and finishing techniques within both functional and sculptural approaches. This class introduces advanced uses of plaster molds, coil, slab, modeling, extruded, and potters’ wheel methods of clay construction as students tackle more challenging assignments. Students are expected to develop a personal direction in clay, acquire a strong sense of design and craftsmanship, and an understanding and appreciation of the expressive potential of clay.


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