Drawing and Painting (US)

1 credit

Drawing and Painting 1.0–1.5
Prerequisite: 0–0.5 credit in Drawing and Painting
Students build foundational drawing and painting skills, using a variety of techniques and materials, such as graphite, charcoal, pastels, color pencils, acrylic, and watercolor paints. Through a series of assignments, students have the opportunity to work from the life-model, still life, landscape, and abstraction. The fundamentals of drawing from direct observation are an important part of this course. In addition to class assignments, students maintain a sketchbook in which they develop their technical, conceptual, and imaginative skills.

Drawing and Painting 2.0–2.5
Prerequisite: 1.0–1.5 credits in Drawing and Painting

This course offers continued study of the materials and concepts of drawing and painting to further an awareness of space, image, and color. While drawing remains the basic organizer of thought and composition, a range of materials are explored, as well as representational and non-representational subject matters. Landscape, still life, the figure, and abstraction are sources of visual material for creative personal research. Class critiques enable students to develop the analytical ability to evaluate their work. Students maintain a sketchbook in which they will develop their technical, conceptual, and imaginative skills.


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