Computer Graphics: Illustrator and Graphic Design (US)

0.5 credit
Two progressive semester courses are offered each year in Adobe Photoshop and Graphic Design and in Illustrator and Graphic Design. Students in both levels will attend class together, and teaching will be differentiated based on prior coursework in this area. Students may opt to take one or both courses. 

Adobe Illustrator and Graphic Design 1.0
This introductory semester course focuses on graphic design using Adobe Illustrator and 2D design software to create new imagery. Students are introduced to Adobe Creative Cloud and use this industry-standard software for illustration and design. Illustrator allows students to create and design graphic images.  Assignments develop drawing and illustration skills within projects that may include cartoons, charts, diagrams, graphs, logos, and illustrations.

Adobe Illustrator and Graphic Design 2.0
Prerequisite: 0.5 credit in Adobe Illustrator and Graphic Design
Students explore advanced uses of Adobe Illustrator and 2D design software while completing a series of assignments that expand their graphic skills. Projects focus on developing mastery over the program software tools to create original drawings and illustrations. This course culminates with the production and printing of a final portfolio demonstrating a high level of skill and content.


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