Publication Design (US)

1 credit
Publication Design 1.0

Students learn to create layouts for print and web that are visually compelling and communicate content through effective design elements and solutions. The interdisciplinary approach focuses on such fundamentals of print design as fonts, color, using images/graphics, visual consistency and flow, etc. Hands-on practical skills include taking, editing, and managing digital photographs; using InDesign for page layouts; art appreciation and critical analysis; and writing/editing captions and other text elements. Students create personal publications, as well as occasional assignments for Maret’s yearbook and the Literary and Visual Arts Magazine.

Publication Design 2.0
Prerequisite:  Publication Design 1.0
Building on their previous skills, second-year students go deeper into advanced visual design concepts and techniques for print and web. The interdisciplinary approach remains—typography, photography, visual content, writing, art appreciation, composition on the page—and students will explore new aspects of InDesign in greater detail. Students will conceive and produce longer, more independent publication projects based on both assignment criteria and their own ideas and interests, as well as contributing to the production of Maret’s yearbook and the Literary and Visual Arts Magazine where possible. Assessment expectations will take into consideration students’ past experience and proficiency.


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