Advanced Latin: Rhetoric and Epic Literature (US)

Advanced Latin students culminate their formal studies of complex Latin grammar and vocabulary via authentic ancient Roman authors of rhetoric and epic—namely, Cicero and Vergil. In addition to syntactical studies, students explore poetic and rhetorical devices, which permeate Latin literature and enhance the effectiveness and drama of Cicero’s speeches and the beauty of Vergil’s poetry, filled with “word pictures.” By building their familiarity with figures of speech, students become more adept at noticing their presence in both ancient and modern literature alike. In application of their learning, students compare modern and ancient oratory in politics and other arenas, as well as the impact of Vergil’s works on subsequent ancient Roman writers’ works and even on contemporary fiction. Students also gain familiarity with works of art and film that relate to Vergilian themes and exposure to aspects of ancient Roman law and order, Cicero’s legacy, and their impact on modern legal policies and international affairs.