Advanced Spanish through Film and Literature (MSON) (US)

Spring; Grades 11–12
Prerequisite: Spanish 4 or equivalent
Taught by: Indian Springs School

This course exists to equip students with at least four years of Spanish exposure with the content knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to communicate at an intermediate or advanced level of proficiency in Spanish (or higher), to enjoy and appreciate the Spanish language and associated cultures, and to continually reflect on how language both shapes and reflects culture. We will watch films and shows and read literary works, all in the Spanish language. We will use the content of the films and readings as fodder for discussion and analysis. As we are not limiting the content to one geographic area nor to a time frame, this will be a random but diverse sampling of film and literature choices. Therefore, we will also focus on creating and then using a list of course ‘Essential Questions’ whenever approaching a new selection to guide our understanding and discussion.