Lovers, Warriors, Poets, and Thinkers of the Ancient Mediterranean (US)

May also be taken as a literature elective

Murderous mothers, philandering gods, and avenging furies are just some examples of tensions and conflicts to examine and explore in ancient literature. Students come to comprehend the context of the original pieces of literature, but more importantly, they also realize that little has changed among mortals in their expressions of horror and fear, love and inspiration, and the fundamental goal to understand the world around them. Works by such prominent male authors as Plato, Euripides, and Vergil and surviving poems by female writers such as Sappho and Sulpicia are covered. Students explore a survey of classical literature from a range of genres (poetry, tragedy, comedy, satire, philosophy). Finally, as classical works have over the last two millennia exerted a consistent and undeniable influence on arts and literature, students appreciate parallels in modern works of visual arts, contemporary literary adaptations, film, and music. While there are essays and response questions to help guide readings, there also are many opportunities for creative projects—both individually and in groups—in this highly interactive and engaging course. Students who take this course as a Latin credit read selections of the curriculum in the original Latin.