Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award was created by the Maret Alumni Council in 2011 to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of our former students. This award shares with the entire Maret community, especially our current students, the noteworthy achievements of our alumni. The Award Committee selects alumni who, true to our mission, are taking an active role in improving the world and are making significant contributions in the arts, sciences, medicine, business, government, academia, or service to humanity. Through this award, Maret seeks to recognize outstanding leadership and accomplishments at the local, national, or global level.

Any member of the Maret community can make a nomination for the Distinguished Alumni Award.

To nominate a fellow alumnus, please send a paragraph statement on the nominee’s accomplishments and/or reason for nomination. You may also send specific distinctions or publications. We will keep your nomination confidential.

Please send your nomination to Director of Alumni Programs Kim Boyd Lewis at kboydlewis@maret.org or call 202-939-8810. The nomination deadline for this year's award is Friday, November 15, 2019. Alumni who have been nominated in previous years do not need to be nominated again.

Past Recipients

De'ara Balenger '99


David Wolowitz '64