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Students in Maret's Theatre program gain skill and confidence from stretching themselves to try new things, perform on stage, and run the show behind the scenes. Check out what they've been up to!

Middle School Play: The Little Prince

The Little Prince play poster

Please join us for our Middle School production of The Little Prince on Thursday, April 21 at 4 p.m., Friday, April 22 at 7 p.m., and Saturday, April 23 at 4 p.m. in the Maret Theatre. We are thrilled to be back in-person delivering this beautiful story with universal messages about love, imagination, and the power of friendship.

Upper School Musical

Song and Dance Returned to Maret’s Theatre

It has been a while since the Maret community experienced the exuberant release of a great musical. February's performances were at capacity, with Friday and Saturday nights sold out far in advance. Nobody wanted to miss Grease. READ MORE

grease musical
grease muiscal girls dancing

Upper School Play—November 2021
Radium Girls

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Congratulations! The Upper School students pulled off another terrific production on stage in the Maret Theatre.

Radium Girls by D.W. Gregory under a neon clock

Upper School Play 2021
Identity Play

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Congratulations to the cast!

The production was directed, written, and edited in collaboration with our upper school students and showed the many talents in Maret's Upper School.  Rated: PG

Upper School Musical 2021
The Theory of Relativity

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Our First Hybrid Performance

Restrictions imposed by the pandemic inspired creative innovations in every aspect of the show. Congratulations to all involved in this historic production!

Middle School Musical 2020: Dear Edwina!

Why We Loved Dear Edwina!

  • All vocal and dance tracks were recorded at home by the middle school students.
  • All rehearsals were conducted virtually!
  • The entire show was choreographed by an eighth grader, and she also taught all the dancing via Zoom.
  • The show was stage managed by an eighth grader via Zoom.
  • This video production was edited by Maret alum William Lowe'16.

Congratulations to the cast—we are so proud of their hard work and many talents!

dear edwina envelope

The Program and Extracurricular Offerings

Enjoy Snippets of Past Shows

US Musical "Once On This Island" 2020

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US Play "Shakespeare in Love" 2019

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US Musical "Newsies" 2019

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MS Play "A Wrinkle in Time" 2019

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US Play "Love Sick" 2018

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US Musical "Big Fish" 2018

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MS Musical "Lion King, Jr." 2018

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US Musical "Footloose" 2017

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MS Play "The Phantom Tollbooth" 2017

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US Play "1984" 2016

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