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Maret athlete defending lacrosse goal

We believe that school athletics teach important life skills that last a lifetime.

On and off the court, our students take great pride in reaching new team and personal bests. Good sportsmanship, self-discipline, and cooperation are taught at every grade level, from kindergarten to high school.

Our youngest students begin by developing their abilities in a variety of games and learn the importance of good sportsmanship. In seventh grade they participate in interscholastic sports, building the physical, emotional, and cognitive skills that enable them to become effective team players. By the time they reach Upper School, the Fighting Frogs are a force in the many competitive varsity and junior varsity sports that Maret offers.

Let's Go Frogs!

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Sports Performance Program
(Upper School Athletics)

Maret partners with SiSu Systems to provide training programs developed by certified strength coaches for our teams and athletes in the Upper School. Our goal is to provide age-appropriate programs that enhance performance, prevent injuries, and build confidence in every athlete. Through progressive programming, athletes develop a strength base that improves athletic performance and addresses the muscular imbalances caused by playing sports, leaving athletes prone to injuries. Training together also builds a sense of confidence and community within teams and throughout the greater athletic community.

The training programs support every level of athlete from those seeking to reach their maximum potential while participating in sports on our campus to those with a goal of college-level play.





Maret belongs to two leagues: The Independent School League (ISL) and the Mid-Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAC). In addition, games are scheduled with other schools to give athletes additional opportunities to compete.

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Head Athletic Trainer

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