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Jelleff Field

In February 2020, Maret School completed the needed renovation of the field at Jelleff Recreation Center in Georgetown. Maret students and the Center's many community users now enjoy the benefits of the improved, regulation-size field, which is open for use from 9:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m. daily.


In summer 2019, in compliance with District regulations, Maret and the DC Department of Parks and Recreation signed the anticipated nine-year extension that fulfills the original 20-year agreement with the City. Replacing the old turf (completed in February 2020) and maintaining Jelleff Field is part of Maret’s commitment to that extension, which officially began July 2020.

The renovation supports the many community teams, clubs, and schools that use Jelleff Field. 

Maret teams use Jelleff Field for two hours after school and some Saturdays, from September–early November; and from March–mid-May. DPR has sole responsibility for permitting use of the facility.

Maret Jelleff Partnership

By investing in Jelleff, Maret has created and will continue to maintain a first-rate athletic facility that includes regulation-size fields for soccer, lacrosse, and baseball, as well as a pool.




The infill material is made from sustainably grown wood that withstands the punishment of time and play, including freeze-thaw conditions and rain events.


Unlike springy, rubber-like material, the new infill feels more like natural soil, creating increased stability underfoot, which reduces the risk of injuries and improves athletic movement.


The material dramatically reduces heat and surface temperature compared to a crumb rubber infill.


During storms, the material remains submerged, eliminating the need to groom the field or sweep the infill back into place. After storms, the field drains more quickly, making the field ready for play significantly faster.

DPR & Maret Partnership at Jelleff

Public Statements in Support of Jelleff

Jelleff Before

Jelleff Before

Jelleff After

Maret Jelleff Partnership

Maret is committed to being a good neighbor and partner and to ensuring that Jelleff remains an asset not only to Maret but to the overall community. Head of School Marjo Talbott

Partnerships such as the one at Jelleff add playable hours to make the pie bigger and create more options, not fewer, for youth sports.

Glenn Williamson, DC Resident