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Physical Education

Physical Education at Maret emphasizes the habits and skills that support fitness and overall well-being. Hard work, how to set and meet goals, good sportsmanship, self-discipline, and cooperation are taught at every grade level, K-12.


At Maret, we establish habits of healthy physical activity and fitness skills that will last a lifetime. As students move through the program, we support the development of athletes at all levels—from beginning players to those who want to play Division I, II, or III. Maret celebrates and encourages students to be multisport athletes, which helps them learn different sports strategies and reduces receptive overuse injuries.

How We Teach

Maret is one of the only independent schools in the Washington, DC area that requires every student, every year, to participate in some form of physical education. We are committed to helping each student find the confidence, passion, and skill to make physical activity a lifelong commitment.

students jumping in PE class

Curriculum Snapshot


Lower School physical education classes are held four times a week. A systematic progression through the locomotor skills leads to use of paddles, scoops, and rackets. Games are introduced using the skills developed.

Each year, more complex movements, skills, and game strategies are introduced. Working with teammates, celebrating each other's abilities, and the joy of physical activity are at the center of the program.


In Middle School, FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADERS learn team skills and game strategies in physical education class. In order to spark student interest, a wide range of sports are introduced, including badminton, pickleball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and floor hockey. We encourage competition and help students learn to win and lose graciously.

In SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES, students of all abilities expand upon these skills in interscholastic team sports—soccer, football, cross country, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, and lacrosse. Coaches introduce the language, system of play, and skill development the players will need when they enter the upper school program.


Upper School team sports continue to be central to Maret’s education through high school. The majority of students participate on at least one team, and many play multiple seasons.

Students not interested in a team sport may fulfill their requirement with a strength and conditioning or yoga class offered after school, or receive independent credit for an activity in which they are involved outside of school.  

Special Programs

To supplement our PE and Athletics programs, we have two strength and conditioning options. We offer year-round programming, supporting all phases of development (in-season, off-season, summer training).

Students exercising in weight room

Sports Performance Program
(Upper School Athletics)

Maret partners with SiSu Systems to provide training programs developed by certified strength coaches for our teams and athletes in the Upper School. Our goal is to provide age-appropriate programs that enhance performance, prevent injuries, and build confidence in every athlete. Through progressive programming, athletes develop a strength base that improves athletic performance and addresses the muscular imbalances caused by playing sports, leaving athletes prone to injuries. Training together also builds a sense of confidence and community within teams and throughout the greater athletic community.

The training programs support every level of athlete from those seeking to reach their maximum potential while participating in sports on our campus to those with a goal of college-level play.

Lifetime Fitness Class
(Upper School PE)

Outside of our athletic programs, students have the option each season to participate in our lifetime fitness class. This course uses our outdoor space and weight room with selectorized strength equipment to promote a safe and active lifestyle.

Sessions combine strength training, cardiovascular health, and fitness centered games/activities into a well-rounded program that allows students to focus on daily growth and track personal progress.

Focusing on personal growth rather than peer comparison results in greater confidence and continued interest in exercise beyond their high school years.

And This Is Just the Beginning!