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Maret Athletic Fields at ECC

The Episcopal Center for Children (ECC) and Maret have entered into a long-term lease that will allow Maret to use the grounds behind the ECC's buildings, as well as the smallest of its four buildings, to create a multi-sport field and baseball diamond with an adjacent parking lot and team rooms.

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Community members looking for more information about the project and construction should visit the Athletics Facilities Project Webpage:

Project Webpage

Overview of Fields Project

After searching the city for more than 30 years to find adequate field space to support our existing athletic programs, the proposed new multi-sport field and baseball diamond will allow Maret to fulfill our mission to foster the academic, artistic, and athletic talents of our students. The partnership also supports the long-term vitality of the Episcopal Center for Children (ECC) and provides much-needed field space for youth sports in the city. 

Access to the Field and Diamond
The proposed field and baseball diamond will be used primarily by Maret students for athletic practices and games. Given that athletic field space is in short supply in the city, Maret plans to make the space available to other DC-based youth athletic organizations that need greater access to quality fields. The ECC and neighbors will also enjoy access to the field and diamond.

Review and Approval Processes
With a proposal for the new multi-sport field and baseball diamond in place, Maret proceeded through the appropriate District review and approval processes. This comprehensive effort included coordination with ANC 3/4G, review by the DC  Public Space committee, and a final hearing with the DC Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA).

The ANC 3/4G unanimously recommended approval of our application with appropriate conditions addressing hours of use, landscape screening and buffers, storm water management, transportation monitoring, and other important considerations. And, on Wednesday, April 9, 2022 in a unanimous vote of those members present, the BZA approved our application.

Working in Good Faith with Neighbors
Fundamental to this planning effort, Maret worked directly with neighbors to understand and address their questions and concerns. Many neighborhood meetings provided valuable input that helped shape key elements of the project. Active community engagement will continue to be vital as the project moves forward.

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