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Athletic Facilities Project Webpage

This webpage has been created to keep the community informed about construction-related activity for the Maret Athletic Facilities Project taking place on the grounds of the Episcopal Center for Children (ECC).

The Episcopal Center for Children (ECC) and Maret have entered into a long-term lease that will allow Maret to use the grounds behind the ECC's buildings, as well as the smallest of its four buildings, to create a multi-sport field and baseball diamond with an adjacent parking lot and team rooms. This partnership helps support ECC's mission of serving children with emotional challenges and their families. Maret plans to share the new fields with the ECC, DCPS, youth-based sports organizations in the District, and neighbors.

Aerial view of baseball and multisport fields


Please contact the project manager with any questions or concerns related to construction activity.

Johnny Seikaly

For general inquiries about the project not related to construction, contact us at


Jenny Backus, Chair
Mike Osborne, Chair
Marek Gootman
Jim Nash
Bruce Sherman

Task Force Webpage


This calendar identifies scheduled meetings and events, as well as key construction and pre-construction activities related to the Athletics Facilities Project.

January 24, 2023—Maret Neighborhood Forum Re: Tree Work, Presentation Deck
January 23, 2023—ANC 3/4G Meeting; Maret presentation on upcoming tree work
January 18, 2023—Task Force Meeting (public); TF-Update #2
December 5, 2022—Task Force Meeting; TF-Update #1; pre-construction surveys begin
November 28, 2022—ANC 3/4G votes to approve Task Force Members
November 14, 2022—ANC 3/4G Meeting: pre-construction surveys announced
September 12, 2022—ANC 3/4G: Maret update, including tree work

Key Facts: Tree Preservation, Removal, and Replacement


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The Maret Fields at ECC Project