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Feedback and Responses

Below, you will find answers to all of the questions and comments that have been sent to us. If you have additional questions or feedback, you can fill out our Community Input Form. We respond to submissions on a weekly basis.

Question B-12 cont'd: We do not need financial or other proprietary or confidential information, but it would be helpful if you could provide a redacted copy of the lease that excludes any sensitive information.

Question U-23 cont'd: Maret already has a multi-purpose field that accommodates several sports (soccer, softball etc). Eliminating baseball/softball from ECC would also remove the proposed batting/pitching cages and create a smaller footprint.

Question U-24 cont'd: Maret is a small school with a small football roster, however, Maret is proposing to build a football field that is similar to a school twice its size (St. Johns).

Complete U-36 Question: We appreciate that you have provided a sample redacted agreement for a youth group for its one-time use of Maret’s gym. We are looking for a lease agreement, however, that would be more analogous to the ones you might have for the ECC field. Could you provide a multiple-use lease agreement with a youth sports group for Maret’s Cleveland Park fields? In particular, please include any provisions relating to Maret’s control or monitoring of usage to ensure compliance with sublease requirements. If there are no such provisions in those agreements, please explain how Maret will control or monitor usage at the ECC fields to ensure compliance.

Question T-8 cont'd: Will Maret require students to return to the main campus on a bus after games and practice? How will Maret encourage walking, biking and transit use to and from games and practices?

Question T-9 cont'd: The angle of the intersection and the poor site lines leave pedestrians feeling exposed. I would love to see pedestrian improvements at this intersection, including curb bump outs. I think this would be a great addition to your project with real benefits for the neighborhood. Is this something you’re willing to explore in partnership with DDOT?

Question T-12 cont'd: Plans should assume a complete, functioning local road network including a re-opened Oregon Avenue, Beach Drive, and Bingham Drive. (The prospect of a permanently closed Beach Drive should also be studied.)

Complete T-14 question: I applaud all of you for your community outreach…both your willingness to listen and your patience with some of the harsher critics. I think that your usage of the field is a great outcome for the ECC and the neighborhood. I had one quick question/concern. I live on Oliver St in the block that runs parallel to Nebraska just south of the site. As you probable know, it’s one block (between Utah and Moreland), so it’s a quiet street with no sidewalks. Often there are children playing in the street, and there is not really a reason for any through traffic. Do you have a planned route for busses to get to the North side of Nebraska in front of the site? I am hoping with some planning, we will not have a big increase in traffic on our block. Particularly if that traffic involves large busses speeding down our street.

Question D-42 cont'd: This must be shown in a clearly defined way so that all stakeholders are able to understand the direct impact of Maret’s proposal. A measurable 3-D model is suggested. This should be very specific, showing grades, wall, fence, and netting heights, as well as trees, vegetation, and outbuildings.

Question D-43 cont'd: We understand that you have not determined the specific turf that will be used on the fields. It would be useful, however, to understand the specifications and characteristics of the turf that you may use. 

Question D-44 cont'd: Could you identify what will be included in this model (e.g., depiction of all surface improvements, including the proposed retaining walls, fencing and netting, storage sheds and associated elements in relationship to each of the houses that surround the proposed fields) and when you expect this model to be available?

Question D-47 cont'd: Greater distance than 4’ away from the first 4' retaining wall [behind homes on 28th St.]? Less height if the engineering can sustain that, so the backyards are not in permanent shadow, and different material/facing for the retaining walls, which do not look very attractive in the model?

Question SW-7 cont'd: Please address not only 15-year storm intensity, but also projected storms of greater magnitude, such as 50-year, 100-year, and 200-year storms, all of which have occurred in recent years.

Question SW-8 cont'd: I also want to know what the off gassing from the plastic is, and whether it will lead to additional pcbs in the watershed.