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Institutional Research at Maret clone

How can we measure how well we live our mission?

Maret tackles this crucial question by leveraging school data in innovative ways, building institutional research capacity, and developing quantitative literacy throughout the community.

Director of Institutional Research

[Headshot of Eric Heilman—typically, we would pull in from Veracross]

Eric Heilman

Maret's director of institutional research works with the assistant heads of school and others on our administrative team to identify and monitor important performance indicators across the school. He is also the director of the Center for Institutional Research in Independent Schools here at Maret.

Eric Heilman holds a bachelor's degree in International Economics from Georgetown University and a master's degree in Economics from the University of Chicago.

Recent Research Initiatives [Image of Teachers in Library or Video Clips?]

As reflected in our Mission [LINK], the Maret community values aspects of school life, including student wellness and equity and inclusion, that are not easily quantified by traditional measures. Through our institutional research initiatives, we work to create, monitor, and nimbly respond to innovative metrics designed to hold us accountable to the values laid out in our mission.

School during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our evaluation of the success of Maret’s Continuity of Learning (COL) plan was shaped by the challenges experienced by various constituencies and individuals in our community. Throughout the pandemic, we collected and reflected on the wide range of survey feedback provided by the students, families, and faculty in our community. This data allowed us to:

1.     Identify areas where community consensus existed

2.     See and appreciate the different ways our community were experiencing the crisis and our learning plan

3.     Make meaningful improvements to our program

Read more about our COL research and findings [LINK]

[Photo from COL]

Student Thrive Index Model

Maret’s Student Thrive Index Model is a descriptive measurement system that creates a compact, multidimensional profile of how students experience various aspects of school life, including academic progress, athletic participation, artistic work, community engagement, and physical and emotional health. We collect data from the following sources to inform our model:

  • Biannual course and athletic team evaluations
  • Biannual demographic analysis of grades
  • School climate survey every other year
  • Annual parent/guardian survey

[IMAGE + Description of Thrive Index Model]

Caption: This image shows the Student Thrive Index profiles of two different hypothetical students. It is a description of student experience that extends beyond just grades and test scores.


Our survey of alumni provide valuable data on the success of our program inform our planning for the future.

  • Annual survey of alumni two years post-graduation
  • Annual survey of alumni five years post-graduation

[Graduation Photo]


Our Admission team uses data to inform outreach efforts and improve the Admission experience for prospective families.

  • Geographic and psychographic analysis of application trends
  • Admitted Family Survey gauging effectiveness of messaging and informational programs during the admissions process
  • Market segmentation analysis, message alignment, and website/social media traffic analysis


Educational Leadership Grant Awarded to Maret [Edward E. Ford Logo]

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Maret will use the Edward E. Ford Foundation Leadership Grant to establish a national Center for Institutional Research in Independent Schools (CIRIS) [LINK] and to support the School’s own research initiatives.

CIRIS will support independent schools as they establish and improve mission-driven data analysis initiatives. Through a new website, virtual sessions, and an annual Summer Fellows Lab, CIRIS will provide resources, professional development, and networking opportunities for independent school personnel in the areas of data literacy, data storage architecture, data analysis platforms and techniques, effective data reporting, and navigating institutional change.





Thrive Index Model

Student Thrive Index