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A senior connecting with younger student in audience

Connectedness is at the heart of a Maret education, and community life is a big part of what makes Maret so special..

Student Life

Explore your interests with our extensive list of student-led clubs, which cover every interest from A to Z!

After School

Our students continue to engage in a variety of activities and enrichment programs after the school day ends!

Maret Parents Association

Our goal is to build community that is welcoming and supportive—where each individual feels respected and affirmed.

Maret Alumni Association

Once a Frog; always a Frog! Stay connected and be sure to visit the Pond from time to time. #frogsforever

Parents of Alumni

Community is what makes Maret so special—check in about events and happenings at your child’s alma mater!


Come be part of the Maret Community! We'd love to see you here on campus..


We love being part of the Woodley Park community! Join us at our annual Fête Champêtre or artistic, and performing arts events throughout the year.

Community Partnerships

Our students and faculty are always looking to forge long-lasting, positive connections through community-based action.

Summer Programs

Maret hosts a variety of sports and activity-based camps run by our team of outstanding coaches. Come join us!