Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is an essential skill for our students. Learning how to navigate the complex online world is a complicated process. As students enter the world of technology, we address each stage of this process to guide and help students make good decisions.

At Maret, we educate students to understand how to use technology responsibly and in a positive ways. Our students learn strategies to navigate the social, emotional, and intellectual impact of a ever-changing technological world.

Maret is also committed to helping our families and community navigate technology. The resources on this page will help you make decisions that are appropriate for your family. While there may be a tendency to block or avoid technology, it is more effective to determine a positive approach and agree on the standards acceptable for your family.

Maret has partnered with Common Sense Media to provide additional resources for our community. Additionally, digital citizenship and technology workshops will be offered to families during the school year.


Martha Cunningham
Director of Information Services & Technology

Parents as Role Models for Responsible Technology Use

Common Sense Media released a report evaluating the impact of being a "plugged-in" parent. The findings show that children learn technology habits from their parents.

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