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Custom Class List

This page contains list of custom classes created during the build of the website. 

Name Purpose
2021 Lead in Lead in style
2021 Lead-in Alt Alternative lead in style
2021 Lead-in Alt Line Alternative lead in style with line
2021 Lead-in Grey Grey text colour lead in
2021 Callout Callout text
2021 - Button Default Default Button
2021 - Button Green - Medium Medium Green Button
2021 - Button Green - Dark Dark Green Button
2021 - Button Green - Light Light Button
2021 - Button Blue Blue Button
2021 - Button Purple Purple Button
2021 - Button Red Red Button
2021 - Button Grey Grey Button
2021 - Button On Dark - White White button-on-dark 
2021 - Button On Dark - Green Green button-on-dark 
2021 - Button - Large Large Button
2021 - Button - Expand Expand Button
2021 - Button - Link Link Button
2021 - Button - Link - Green Green Link Button
2021 - Button - Download Download Button
2021 - Table Styled Styled Table
card white White card
card green Green card
card light-green Light-green card
card lime-green Lime Green card
card light-blue Light blue card
card light-orange Light orange card
card light-grey Light-grey card
card blue Blue card
card grey Grey card
card purple Purple card
scroll-content-container Full width content scroll option
scroll-image Image class inside full width content scroll option
scroll-content Content class inside full width content scroll option
green-cta bullhorn Light lime green container
background-photo Large background photo element with summary
event-slider Event slider container
post-slideshow Post class inside event slider container

Note: It is best to avoid making updates to the pages in the 'Layout Templates' branch directly. Please clone each page first so the layout template can be used as a long term reference for the original presentation of each designed layout in the website.