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Return-to-School Guide 2021-22

Maret has a Brick and Mortar schedule for the 2021-22 Academic Year. If there is a need to revert back to a virtual model, we will rely on the program developed during 2020-2021.

As of February 16, 2022

All of our efforts are organized around the priority of providing a superb, safe, effective in-person education at Maret. Until students of all ages are vaccinated, the School will need everyone’s help to achieve this primary goal. 

Standing Together: From Marjo

An introduction to this guide from Head of School Marjo Talbott.

Ready for the New School Year

About the principles and expert sources that have guided our decision-making.

Title on lily pad

About fulfilling our responsibilities to one another.

Campus Preparations

Details about our strategic approach to campus readiness.

On-Campus Protocols

This section covers when to stay at home, health and safety on campus, testing, travel, and visitor information.

Lily pads with Covid in the School Community

This section covers reporting COVID cases, return-to-school criteria, contact tracing, and communication.

Educational Plan

This section includes information about the K–12 academic plan, as well as technology, learning support, and counseling.

Other COL-Specific Information

This section includes information about After School, Athletics, lunch, transportation and events.

Title on a green lily pad

The community members guiding our response to the pandemic.