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Other Program Information

This section addresses the important changes and adjustments that have been made to Maret's other programs and services.

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We will offer our traditional After School program for those families who want their younger children to stay on campus until 5:00 or 6:00 pm. We will continue to adhere to the mask, hygiene, and social distancing guidelines outlined by local health and government officials.

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Athletics at Maret will be conducted in compliance with District of Columbia requirements and guidelines established by the leagues (ISL and MAC) in which we compete.

All of our athletes involved with fall sports have been fully vaccinated and will be tested every other week following league requirements. Athletes will not have to wear masks during outside practices or competitions but will wear masks indoors or when on the sidelines.

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The following food preparation standards will be followed:

  • Students and faculty will wash or sanitize their hands before and after eating and should not share utensils, cups, or plates
  • Foodservice staff will be masked and gloved while preparing all food and will clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched, such as kitchen countertops, cafeteria and service tables, door handles, carts, and trays
  • Grab-and-go meals will be available to allow students to eat in a distanced manner across campus and outdoors.

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Returning to campus may pose transportation challenges for some community members, particularly those who use public transportation. Any family with a concern about transportation should contact our Assistant Head: Student Life, Lynn Levinson.

The School sometimes transports students to and from events, such as athletic competition with other schools. All drivers and passengers must wear an appropriate mask for the entire trip. When weather conditions allow, windows will be lowered to improve air flow.  Students will also be seated one student per row to promote physical distancing.

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We follow DC Department of Health requirements for gatherings on campus. We have planned a number of events on campus in the fall, and we expect that all parents/guardians who attend will be vaccinated. We have also planned to conduct some parent/guardian events via Zoom in order to cut down on commuting and allow for more flexibility in schedule. Please consult the online school calendar for the most up-to-date information.