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Return-to-Campus Commitment

We are all in this together. As members of the Maret community, we have a responsibility to take care of ourselves, each other, and our larger community. Fulfilling this responsibility, both on and off campus, is crucial for the safety of our community. This pledge outlines our expectations for everyone in the community who returns to campus.

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  • Adhere to Maret’s health and safety protocols while on campus and create continuity between school and home by reinforcing practices known to limit the spread of COVID, including frequent handwashing, social distancing, and mask wearing
  • Get COVID vaccinations as soon as they are recommended, including boosters
  • Pursue vaccination for the seasonal flu to limit transmission of that illness
  • Speak up, within our circles of influence, in support of these principles, knowing that we are each essential to the continued health of the Maret community

These practices were developed based on guidelines from CDC, WHO, and the DC Department of Health.

Acknowledgement of Risk

Despite the many mitigation strategies put in place by the school, coming to campus is not without risk. COVID has been declared a worldwide pandemic that is spread via person-to-person contact, and our return to campus is predicated on that understanding. There is an inherent risk that students may become infected with COVID while attending school. As a school, we have taken reasonable measures to mitigate the spread of COVID on campus; however, it is important to acknowledge that campus will not be a risk-free environment.