Life After Maret

Curious about what our graduates experience after Maret? Here are a few of their stories.

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Economics, Finance, and Development

travis allen
Travis Allen ’93
Senior Portfolio Manager and Director
Bernstein’s Wealth Management Group
MBA, University of Maryland
AB, Brown University

keith beverly
Keith Beverly ’98

Vice President
Wealth Management Division Momentum Advisors
MBA, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
BA/BS, Carnegie Mellon University

evan smith
Evan Smith ’00

McKinsey and Company
MBA, University of Virginia
BA, University of Pennsylvania

michelle leeds
Michelle Leeds ’04

Partners Capital LLP
BA, Stanford

annie case
Annie Case ’09

Global Strategies & Planning Associate Uber
MS, Stanford University
BA, Stanford University


sonja lyubomirsky
Sonja Lyubomirsky ’85
Professor of Psychology
University of California – Riverside
PhD, Stanford University
AB, Harvard University

cassie meltzer pergament
Cassie Meltzer Pergament ’98

DC Prep
MEd, Loyola Marymount University
BA, University of Rochester

sam strasser
Sam Strasser ’04

Platform Architect
Summit Public Schools
BS, Yale

paige hoffman
Paige Hoffman ’06

Manager of Instructional Practice
District of Columbia Public Schools
BA, Harvard University

malcom scott
Malcolm Scott ’07

Maret School
BA, Grinnell College


miles fawcett
Miles Fawcett ’88

Urban Alarms
BS Ithaca College

sarah greenberg bowman
Sarah Greenberg Bowman ’91

Founder and Veterinarian
City Paws DC
VMD, University of Pennsylvania
BA, University of Pennsylvania

d'angelo kinard
D’Angelo Kinard ’96

Founder and CEO
Advanced Sports Performance
MBA, University of Maryland
BA, Trinity College (TX)

drew chadgetz
Drew Chafetz ’00

Co-founder and CEO
MA, Columbia University
BA, University of Colorado - Boulder

eleanor madison
Eleanor Madison ’06

Designer Eleanor Vintage Home
BA, University of Colorado - Boulder

Film, Music, and Design

dominique deleon
Dominique DeLeon ’00
Owner, Producer, and Director
Special Boy Films
MFA, New York University
BA, Harvard University

will slocombe
Will Slocombe ’02

BA, University of Chicago

ross michaels
Ross Michaels ’04

Park Avenue Artists
BA, Drew University

jillian knox
Jillian Knox ’04

Joules Jewels Vintage
BFA, Savannah College of Art and Design

marco santarlasci
Marco Santarlasci ’11

Recording Artist

Politics and Public Policy

jeremy arling
Jeremy Arling ’97
Attorney Advisor
Environmental Protection Agency
JD, University of Oregon
BA, Bowdoin College

matthew lesser
Matthew Lesser ’01

State Representative, Middletown, CT
Executive Director, Cancer Support Community – Southern, CT
BA, Wesleyan University

elizabeth osius
Elizabeth Osius ’02

Manatt Health Solutions, of Manatt Phelps & Phillips, LLP
MPA, New York University
BA, Carnegie Melon University

david opong-wadee
David Opong-Wadee ’08

Founder and President
ForWard Progress, LLC
BA, Grinnell College


ida fox alumni
Ida Fox ’90

Assistant Professor
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
MD, University of Rochester
BA, Haverford College

jesse pines alumni
Jesse Pines ’91

Center for Healthcare Equality Assistant Professor
Emergency Medicine and Health Policy
The George Washington University
MSc, University of Pennsylvania
MD-MBA, Georgetown University
BA, University of Pennsylvania

mark risher alumni
Mark Risher ’94

Director of Product Management
Google Sign-In, Abuse & API Google
BS, Harvard

sofia berger maret alumni
Sofia Berger ’97

Senior VP for US Transportation
The Louis Berger Group
MBA, Harvard University
BA/BS, Columbia University

jason wasfy maret alumni
Jason Wasfy ’97

Harvard Medical School
MD, Harvard University
MPhil, Oxford University
SB, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

billy maloni maret alumni
Billy Maloni ’00

Project Manager
Balfour Beatty Construction DC
BS, Trinity College


josh ginsberg maret alumni
Josh Ginsberg ’01

CEO and Co-Founder
Zignal Labs
BA, Vanderbilt

roshe copeland
Roshe Copeland ’03

Structural Engineer HDR
BA, University of Maryland

becca rutoff
Becca (Ginsberg) Rutoff ’03

Head of DC and Regional Communications
BA, Bowdoin College

jenni romanek
Jenni Romanek ’05

Business Platform Analytics
BA, Stanford

brian pourciau
Brian Pourciau ’09

Structural Engineer
Parsons Brinckerhoff
BS, Princeton University

The Global Community

daniel w. smith
Daniel W. Smith ’02
Engineering leader in safe drinking water
PhD candidate, Stanford University
MS, University of Leeds, UK
BS, Cornell University

katie taylor
Katie Taylor ’07

MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BA, Pomona College

sam shriver
Sam Shriver ’10

Vice President, Asia Relations
O’Neil Properties Group
BA, Boston College

lucas tcheyen
Lucas Tcheyen ’10

Research Assistant for Director Carnegie Tsinghua
Center of Global Policy
BA, Washington University

avonda fogan
Avonda Fogan ’12

Special Assistant
US–China Strong Foundation
BA, George Washington University

Other Fields

de'ara balenger
De’Ara Balenger ’99
Executive Director of Vetting Research
The Harry Walker Agency
JD, Texas Southern University
BA, Macalester College

ayana rockett
Ayana Rockett ’99

Program Analyst
Office of the City Administrator, District of Columbia
MA, Milano The New School University
BA, New York University

daniel strauss
Daniel Strauss ’03

Second City MainStage
BFA, University of Michigan

daniel van hoogstraten
Daniel van Hoogstraten ’05

Communications Director
For Our Future
BA, Wake Forest University

nick greenfield
Nick Greenfield ’07

Chief Operating Officer
Paribus Company
BA, Stanford University

Maret Alumni Post-Secondary Degrees


Maret alumni most often receive undergraduate degrees in the following fields:

  1. Humanities, Language, and Social Science
  2. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
  3. Arts


Maret alumni most often receive graduate degrees in the following fields:

  1. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
  2. Business, Accounting, and Finance
  3. Humanities and Social Sciences
  4. Law

Over the last 4 years, 5 or more Maret alumni have enrolled in the following colleges and universities:


Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences, Tulane University, Washington University in St. Louis


Bowdoin College, Brown University, Tufts University, Wesleyan University


Dickinson College, University of Pennsylvania


Colby College, Skidmore College, Syracuse University


Williams College


Carleton College, Columbia University, Harvard University, Occidental College, Rice University, University of Southern California, Yale University

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