After School Program

Maret’s After School program offers a welcoming environment where children from kindergarten through eighth grade can relax and unwind. It’s a safe, comfortable, low-key option for families who are unable to pick up their children at the regular dismissal time.

After School Program


After School offers supervised free time along with structured activities: playground games, arts and crafts, story time, board games and more.


After School students in grades 3-8 participate in required hour-long study hall Monday–Thursday, run by Maret faculty and After School counselors. Adults provide homework assistance, helping students get a jump on the evening’s projects and assignments.

Rules & Guidelines

Maret believes that students learn from mistakes. We do not have a thick rulebook or a locked-in-stone list of consequences guiding behavior; we operate in an environment of trust. However, in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every member of the community, and to protect and preserve our campus, we have established basic rules, guidelines, and common courtesies. The violation of any of these could lead to a range of disciplinary actions. We will evaluate and judge any infraction on an individual basis.

Counseling Department
The Counseling Department is a resource for all members of the Maret community: students, faculty, staff, and parents. Counselors offer individual and group counseling for students on a short-term basis, act as consultants to faculty, and maintain an extensive network of outside referrals and resources. Students may receive these, or other, services offered by the school counselors as part of our regular academic program. All services are confidential as appropriate. Under certain circumstances, confidential information may be shared with people who have a legitimate need to know. The department is actively involved with diversity programs, substance abuse education programs, Maret’s advisor/advisee groups, the assembly program, the human development program, and student activity groups.

No Bullies Allowed
A proactive approach to bullying/harassment is taken through the social curriculum and Human Development classes. Students learn to recognize and mobilize against bullying behavior.

Traffic Guidelines

When driving on campus, please be patient, polite, and mindful of your speed (the speed limit is 10 mph), avoid cell phone use, and watch for students—large and small—crossing the driveway. Questions? Call the Main Office at 202-939-8848.

Maret encourages families to arrange carpools. You now are able to find families who live nearby you through the Online Directory in the Parent/Guardian Portal.

Maret encourages faculty and older students to use Metrorail services. The School is approximately a 12-minute walk from the Woodley Park/Zoo Metrorail stop on the Red Line. DC resident students may be eligible for a metro student discount card. Virginia & Maryland students may also be eligible for a commuting stipend. Please see Ms. Wills for details.

Maret runs a shuttle each morning at 7:40am and 7:50am from the Woodley Park metro for students and faculty.

D.C. Metrobus #96 and X3 stop in front of Maret School on Cathedral Avenue.

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