Extracurricular Activities

Maret’s 64+ extracurricular choices reflect our students’ broad range of backgrounds, cultures, viewpoints, and interests. From politics to publications, drama to debate, eating to engineering, and everything in between there’s something for everyone!


Student Publications

Woodley Leaves

newspaper post

Maret’s student newspaper covers topics of interest to the School community. Woodley Leaves also reports on the lDC community, the nation, and the world. The newspaper strives to inform and entertain, to offer opinion and investigative reporting, and to deliver engaging content in a modern, professional style.

Maret Literary and Visual Arts Magazine

literary and visual arts

Nationally recognized as a leading independent school publication, Maret Literary and Visual Arts Magazine showcases poetry, prose, photography, and illustration by our talented Upper School students.


limitless publication by students

Maret’s yearbook is a student-driven publication that offers hands-on experience in editing, publication design, photography, and the business side of publishing.


A Sampling of Extracurricular Activites