General Rules and Guidelines

Maret takes pride in being an inclusive community of individuals working in an environment of trust. Our size and single campus foster meaningful connections among students, faculty, and parents. We are all expected to uphold the Mission & Philosophy of the School and embrace our Core Values: respect, integrity, excellence, creativity, the individual, connectedness, and joy.

We do not have a thick rulebook or a detailed list of the consequences that will result if community members break the trust given to them. However, in light of our Mission, the size of the School, and our need to protect and preserve school property, we have established and take seriously the following basic rules, guidelines, and common courtesies. The violation of any of these could lead to a range of disciplinary actions. We will evaluate and judge any infraction on an individual basis.

In terms of our students, we understand that learning from mistakes is an essential part of growing up. Our responses to these mistakes can take various forms, including sending students home to begin a process of remediation. Serious student misconduct in grades nine through twelve that results in suspensions of two or more days or expulsion is reported to colleges. Serious disciplinary issues that occur at any time may be reported if the student applies to other schools or programs. Other disciplinary issues may remain confidential at the discretion of the Division Director and the Head of School.

School Response to Bullying/Harassment

Bullying/harassment behavior includes physical or verbal threats, teasing, or intimidation that occurs repeatedly over time and that humiliates, degrades, or otherwise damages a student’s physical, emotional, or psychological well-being.

Everyone in the Maret community is expected to address issues of bullying/harassment—verbal, physical, sexual, or electronic—in a timely manner, either by confronting the bully/harasser in question directly or by seeking help and guidance from a knowledgeable and trusted adult. The School is committed to a thorough investigation of bullying/harassment issues and will address these issues directly.