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LatinX Affinity—Making an Impact

In wrapping up Hispanic/LatinX Heritage Month in the Upper School, student leaders of the LatinX Affinity group, welcomed NBC4 and T44 Sports Anchor Moises Linares to speak at an assembly. Linares spoke about his family’s journey from El Salvador to the United States and growing up in South Central Los Angeles. A powerful story about grit and determination, Linares’ inspirational message resonated with many in attendance. Linares shared the stage with LatinX students who also shared their stories during the assembly.
The LatinX Affinity Group leaders, April Porter ’22, Margaret Guilarte-Silva ’22, and Yanina Chicas ’22, have been instrumental in raising awareness about Hispanic/LatinX Heritage Month. In thinking about the assembly, they wanted a speaker “who would not only appeal to the LatinX Club but would also (draw the) interest of other communities, for example, sports fanatics”, according to Margaret.

The student leaders could not have asked for a better way to mark the conclusion of Hispanic and LatinX Heritage month than the story of Linares. As Yanina explains, “Being able to see someone you listen to and watch at sporting events talk about his journey and identify with his path, that’s powerful!”

April, Margaret, and Yanina have poured their energies into creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and inclusive within the LatinX Affinity Group. April noted, “Our first experience with LatinX Affinity was in ninth grade as the group was just getting off the ground. Over the years, we worked hard to try to make an impact at Maret. With the school theme of Telling Your Story, many in our group have stepped forward to share.”
Being heard and visible within the Maret community is a goal for this group. Yanina summed it up, “As the senior leaders, we wanted to make sure that the younger students in our group felt supported. It is through each of their interesting stories that we find a way to connect—planting the seed and hope it continues after we leave.” Margaret added, “It was a big ask to share your story during upper school Convocation but so many 9th graders came forward. It is courageous of them—and I have so much respect for them!”

Kudos to April, Margaret, and Yanina for pulling off a great program!

Moisés Linares is a sports anchor for Noticiero Telemundo 44, the NBC sister station Telemundo 44/WZDC, serving the Spanish-speaking community in the Washington, D.C. area. Linares reports the most important sporting events for viewers and contributes to NBC4 News. Linares joined Telemundo in 2012. Learn more.