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Student-led Non-profit Wins Grant to Expand

Since 2020, Maret students have worked in partnership with InLight Magazine, a national platform for social justice dialogue began in Washington, DC. Like other schools across the country who are part of InLight’s network, Maret publishes its own InLight Magazine to raise up the voices of students who tell their stories, uncover injustice, and promote equity and inclusion. In March, Maret’s publication won the prestigious Silver Crown Award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

From the Chicago Public Schools to Prince George’s County Public Schools, InLight’s network of student changemakers is wide and connected by a single mission: to tell untold stories and change the status quo. InLight’s Executive Director Ishaan Barrett ’22 and Director of Development Emma Vaughan ’22 have been instrumental in helping to expand InLight’s reach across the country and in November secured a $1,000 operating grant from Greater Washington Community Foundation.

The most integral part of social justice and DEI work is getting students involved as leaders.”—Ishaan Barrett

Incoming Executive Director Sunhee Kim ’23 and InLight’s twelve-person staff plan to use the grant for outreach and social media campaigns, in-person and virtual events, and local DC partnerships. To help facilitate InLight’s goals, Maret’s Business Office has agreed to mentor student leaders and help manage the organization’s funds.

In addition to supporting schools who want to start their own publication, InLight’s programming includes panel events, writing and editing workshops, outreach to schools, and an internship program that hires students from across the US and introduces them to the work of the student-run non-profit.

In the months ahead, InLight and Maret will continue to further their partnership, creating a more permanent home for the student-run nonprofit to strategize and expand their diversity and inclusion work. 

From the upcoming release of the InLight Inter-School Edition with featured work from schools across the DMV to their annual summer Community Event and national Internship Program, InLight’s plans are more ambitious than ever. “The most integral part of social justice and DEI work is getting students involved as leaders,” said Barrett in reference to the Maret-InLight partnership. “We’re proud to be partnering with Maret, a school I’ve called home for the past thirteen years, to more actively live up to this ideal.”