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The Community Celebrates Marjo Talbott

Nearly 1,000 Maret community members turned out to honor Head of School Marjo Talbott and her remarkable 29-year legacy of leadership. Alumni, parents of alumni, trustees, faculty, former faculty, friends, and family gathered at in the Great Hall of the Library of Congress for the big event on April 15.

Celebration in the Great Hall of the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress was a fitting locale for this tribute to Ms. Talbott in so many ways. Rebecca Roberts P ’23, ’20, Deputy Director of Events at the Library of Congress, put it this way:

The image here that is the best allegory for tonight is the grand mosaic of Minerva, up by the viewing gallery over the Main Reading Room. If you studied Latin at Maret, you know Minerva was the goddess of many things, including war. But in this depiction, she has set aside her armor, and she is Minerva of Wisdom. She holds a scroll, listing all the things you can know—history and philosophy and economics. The bottom of the scroll is rolled up, symbolizing all we have left to learn, how many things there are yet to discover. And that, to me, is the great gift that Maret, under Mario’s leadership, has given my kids. Knowledge and wisdom, of course. But more important, the curiosity and inspiration to discover things for themselves.

Members of the Maret community from all decades of Ms. Talbott’s tenure gave tributes, testimonials, and toasts, calling attention to her remarkable leadership in so many areas of school life. She was lauded for her inspirational vision for education and “putting Maret on the map” but also for her attention to detail—whether greeting Lower School students by name or keeping Maret’s many construction projects on time and on budget.

Maret chorus performs at the Library of Congress

The program included a “Happy Trails” introduction by Tony Kornheiser P ’01, ’04 and a performance by the “Marjo Chorus”—made up of students, faculty, and alums and led by performing arts teacher Rolando Sanz—singing “Children Will Listen” from Into the Woods. Ms. Talbott had a chance to say a few words, as well. She took the opportunity to touch on highlights and challenges of her tenure and to thank all those who have supported her and Maret over the years.

Attendees honor Marjo with standing ovation

A plentiful buffet kept partygoers fueled up as they congratulated Ms. Talbott, reconnected with friends, reminisced, and danced the rest of the evening away to tunes spun by DJ Stylus.  It was a grand celebration not only of Ms. Talbott but the school community she has loved and nurtured for nearly three decades.

Community members can keep the celebration going by sending a message to Ms. Talbott. The "Messages to Marjo" and photos from end-of-year events will be combined into a book that will be presented to Ms. Talbott in June. Leave a message here.

You can also honor Ms. Talbott with a gift to the Talbott Talent Fund endowment. The Talent Fund provides future Heads of School with discretionary and flexible resources to help Maret's talented faculty and students thrive. Make a gift.

Watch a recording of the program.

Video Tributes
Former Trustee Travis Allen ’93,  P ’23, ’27
Director of Community Engagement Carolyn Bottelier ’09
Past President of the Board and Trustee Ian Cameron P’16, ’21
Past President of the Board Kay Kendall P ’89, ’91
Tony Kornheiser P ’01, ’04
Assistant Head for Student Life Lynn Levinson P ’18, ’19

Live Tributes
President of the Board of Trustees Leigh Comas P ’15, ’21, ’28,
Former trustee Stewart Bainum P ’10, ’13,
Paige Hoffman ’06
Former Director of Athletics Liz Hall