Successful implementation of the Strategic Directions will require turning our aspirations into actions that will lead to tangible results. We have generated an enormous set of useful ideas that will augment the progress Maret has made in recent years. More important than these ideas themselves are the people who will be responsible for the energy and resources needed to bring them to life.

Strategic Directions
Strategic Directions will further propel Maret along its trajectory as a truly outstanding independent school. We will continue to be sustainable, nimble, and relevant as we embrace our future in a fast-changing world..
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Establishing a Named Fund

Interested donors will work with the School to create a fund or select a facilities naming opportunity.

Designated named endowment funds should provide adequate income to support the restricted purpose. Named gift opportunities begin at the $100,000 level. The Fund or space will not be officially named until the full gift is received.

For more information, please contact Director of Development Sally Dunkelberger at 202-939-8811 or sdunkelberger@maret.org

Currently Endowed Funds

Ava and Neal Gross Fund

Established through a gift from Ava and Neal Gross ’61, this fund supports projects, faculty, seminars, study, books, and materials related to ocean ecology.

The Arlene Rabinowitz Fund

The Arlene Rabinowitz Fund was established in 2018 by family, friends, and students of Arlene Rabinowitz to honor her memory and deep commitment to helping all students thrive. Generous with her time, Arlene was a masterful teacher and tutor who forged meaningful relationships built on trust. An advocate and mentor, she cared about the whole child, nurtured talent, instilled confidence, and celebrated successes. This Fund provides tutoring resources to those students on financial aid who would benefit from such individualized support to help them realize their full potential.

Case Institute for Curricular Innovation & Excellence Fund

The Institute was established in 2008. In 2011, it was renamed the Case Institute for Curricular Innovation & Excellence upon full endowment funding through a matching gift challenge grant from Steve and Jean Case, during the Second Century Campaign. This Fund supports our unique summer professional enrichment program that allows faculty to work together focusing on curriculum development. The 2011 summer Institute included 45 teachers working on nine projects for the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools.

Davies Program Fund

The Special Aid Fund was created in 2008 to provide non-tuition assistance to Maret students on Financial Aid. In 2011, the Fund was increased and renamed the Davies Program Fund to help create and support Financial Aid Endowment Gifts to this endowed fund are used to support the School’s overall financial aid budget which supports 24% of Maret’s students.

The Davies Program

The Davies Program Fund provides special aid in a targeted and full spectrum way with a focus on students new to Maret’s Upper School.

Kimberly Kara Kline Scholarship Fund

Established in 1999 by Tracey and Andrew Friedlander in memory of Tracey’s sister, this fund helps support financial aid for a student of color in the kindergarten or first grade.

Institute Endowment for Upper School Projects

Funded in 2010 through matching gifts for an Edward E. Ford Foundation challenge grant, this endowment supports upper school faculty and projects within the Case Institute for Curricular Innovation.

Lainoff Enrichment Fund

This special fund was established to provide more interactive and special enrichment opportunities for students in the Lower and Middle Schools at Maret. These unique learning experiences are particularly effective in fostering a love of learning and inspiring students to explore new topics of study—whether it is in the performing or visual arts, academic curriculum, or other fields.

Edward E. Ford Foundation Fund

This fund was established through a matching grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation and alumni gifts to the Faculty Fund Campaign in 1994. The fund supports upper school faculty salaries and benefits.

Environmental Education Fund

Created in 2006 by a grant from the Wallace Genetic Foundation, this endowment fund seeks to strengthen, expand, and maintain a first-rate environmental science curriculum in Maret’s K-12 programs and to allow the Science Department the flexibility to respond to the ever-changing advances in science education.

Faculty Fund

Initially funded through gifts to Maret’s Faculty Fund Campaign, this fund is now Maret’s largest designated fund and supports faculty salaries, benefits, and professional development.

Financial Aid Endowment

Gifts to this endowed fund are used to support the School’s overall financial aid budget which supports 24% of Maret’s students.

Fishman Fellowship Fund: Maret Fellows

Richard Fishman and Dina Lassow, together with their daughters Miriam ’98 and Andrea ’03, established the Fishman Fellowship Fund in the spring of 2000 to honor exceptional faculty members, particularly those who have devoted much of their career to the School. Recipients will have the opportunity to pursue professional and/or personal goals that otherwise might be impossible.

General Endowment

Gifts to this endowed fund are used to support the School’s overall long-term health by building an unencumbered endowment which can provide annual income to the School’s operating budget and provide support wherever the need is greatest.

Joshua T. Bibbs Fund

In 2017, the Garcia Family Spotlight Foundation established the Joshua T. Bibbs Fund for Latino and First Generation American Students. The purpose of this permanently restricted endowment is to provide financial and special aid assistance to support Latino and/or first generation American students to ensure that these students feel a sense of belonging at Maret and have the resources available to them to help ensure their success at the School.

Judy Bacon Endowment Fund

The Judy Bacon Endowment Fund was established in May 2016 by her family to honor Judy Bacon's long-time dedication to Maret, its financial aid program, and its talented and deserving students. This Fund supports Maret’s special aid budget, providing non-tuition assistance to students on financial aid.

Lawrence Athletic Fund

Created in 2005 by a grant from the Northern Virginia Community Foundation, this financial aid endowed fund helps support personal team equipment, team trips, and team activities for students receiving financial aid from the School.

The Leeds Diversity Initiatives Fund

Created in 2006 with a gift from an appreciative family, this fund provides financial support for faculty professional development opportunities pertaining to the integration of multicultural curriculum and specific programming which support diversity initiatives. The intent of this fund is to foster faculty innovation and collaboration and optimize the educational experience for students of color and their peers, ensuring that Maret remains a leader in educational equity and inclusivity.

Library & Center for Inquiry Endowment Fund

The Library & Center for Inquiry Endowment Fund was created to support the Library & Center for Inquiry which is keeping Maret on the forefront with technology resources and research.

Lowe Family Fund for Humanities

Established in 2019, the Lowe Family Fund for Humanities nurtures students’ talents and passion for their work in history and social sciences.

Malone Family Foundation Endowment for Gifted Students

Established with a grant from the Malone Family Foundation in 2003, this financial aid endowed fund supports gifted students in grades seven through twelve through our Malone Scholars program. Malone Scholarships are need-based, and students must meet high academic eligibility standards. This is Maret’s second largest endowment fund and supported five students in 2010-11.

Maret Emergency Fund

Established in 2001, the Maret Emergency Fund provides funds to Maret employees and students’ families for urgent and essential needs related to health and wellbeing.

Maret Equity & Inclusion Fund

This Fund will provide ongoing funding to support the School’s continuing priorities, initiatives, and programs seek to foster excellence, belonging, and success for all students.

Maret Memorial Fund

Created in 2002, the Maret Memorial Fund honors the memory of friends and family members of the Maret community. The Memorial Fund is part of the School’s general endowment. Gifts received for the Fund provide ongoing support to Maret well into the future and serve as a lasting memorial tribute.

Mark Berkowitz Fund

Edward and Lois Berkowitz established the Mark Berkowitz Fund in memory of their son Mark Daniel Berkowitz, Class of 1990. This endowed fund helps to support Maret’s subtropical zone ecology summer program at Sanibel Island through scholarship awards and equipment acquisition.

Marques A. Williams Fund

The Marques A. Williams Fund was established in 2007 in memory of Marques Williams, Maret class of 1999, by his family and friends. The fund supports financial aid grants for Maret’s Sanibel program celebrating Marques’ love of science and embracing his joy of life as a student and teacher at Sanibel.

Mehri Fund for Middle School Service Learning

Established in 2016 through the generous support of the Mehri family, this Fund celebrates Maret’s commitment to service learning, which fosters meaningful partnerships with other organizations and directly supports the School’s core educational Mission. This Fund support all facets of the service learning program in grades five through eight to foster this essential element of the middle school experience at Maret.

Peter A. Sturtevant Colloquium Fund

This fund was established by current and former faculty and staff members to honor Peter A. Sturtevant upon his retirement from Maret in 1994 as Headmaster. This fund helps to support an annual colloquium for Maret’s faculty.

Program Innovation Fund

This fund was established in 2010 to support program innovation. Whether it is a new way to nurture creativity, upgrade technology in the classroom, or increase opportunities for faculty training and development, gifts to this fund will provide the means to keep Maret at the forefront when it comes to dynamic, innovative education.

Reader's Digest Endowed Scholarship

Established with a grant from the DeWitt Wallace-Reader’s Digest Fund, this fund provides partial scholarships for middle-income families.

Service Learning Endowed Fund

This fund was established in 2003 through an Edward E. Ford Foundation matching grant initiative. The fund supports service learning in the upper school curriculum for program and professional development expenses.

Special Aid Fund

Maret’s Special Aid Fund provides assistance for recommended or required non-tuition expenses for our students receiving financial aid. It helps offset costs for tutoring, textbooks, school-related trips, SAT/ACT test prep, team uniforms, yearbooks, and more. This fund furthers our mission to foster all of our students’ talents and build community that is equitable and inclusive.

Spraggins-Maley Fund for Non-Teaching Faculty

This award was established in 2007–08 through a generous gift to recognize dedicated and talented Maret professionals who achieve excellence in supporting the mission of the School.

Study Skills Fund

Established in 2014 through a gift from James Rock Tonkel, Jr. and Jill S. Tonkel, the Study Skills Fund provides ongoing funding for the study skills program at Maret, which supports students’ unique learning needs within the school’s challenging academic program.

Thomas Prize for New Teachers

Created to honor Puckie Thomas on her retirement from Maret in the spring of 2000 as chair of the Humanities Department, this annual stipend is awarded to an outstanding new faculty member who demonstrates great promise as a teacher and exceptional dedication to the profession.

The Welters Family Fund for Equity & Inclusion

Established in 2016 by Beatrice and Tony Welters to advance Maret’s Mission to provide a community that is equitable and inclusive. This Fund will provide ongoing funding to support the School’s continuing priorities, initiatives, and programs which seek to foste

William Randolph Hearst Fund

This fund was created in 1982 with a grant from the Hearst Foundation. Income from this fund is used for general scholarships.

Woodley Society Fund

Established in 2019, the Woodley Society Fund nurtures students’ talents and passion for their work in the context of the exploration of Maret’s historical campus, its residents, and their place in the nation’s capital. 

Maret Endowment Growth 2007-2017

Maret has made significant strides in building our endowment, which has grown from $12.7 million in 2011 to over $34 MILLION TODAY. Currently, endowment and special funding account for over 6% of Maret’s operating budget. Our endowment growth has made an immediate impact on the quality of education and teachers at Maret. As we move toward our next strategic plan, we seek to increase Maret’s endowment funding in four distinct areas: Program Innovation, Financial Aid, Faculty, and Equity and Inclusion. Endowment gifts may be restricted to a currently endowed fund or used to establish a new fund. Donors can make an outright gift, pledge a gift over multiple years, or make a bequest to support endowment.

Endowment Priorities

Endowment provides permanent resources for today, and allows our school to look toward tomorrow with a sense of well being. With endowment, the principal of the fund is preserved and income generated through careful investment can be directed to the School’s budget each year. The Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the investment and spending policies of the endowment.

General Endowment

Gifts to the General Endowment provide funding on a yearly basis wherever the need is greatest.

Program Innovation

Since our inception in 1911, Maret has adopted proven educational tenets while pursuing innovative approaches to learning. Curricular innovations in essential 21st-century skills, experiential learning, and leading-edge technology are a priority at Maret. As lifelong learners, our teachers seize opportunities to explore, create, and improve. Our professional development opportunities, new partnerships, and evolving technology inspire our faculty. Endowment funding for Program Innovation will expand opportunities for new initiatives that keep Maret moving forward, enhance the experience for our students, and lead the way in secondary education.

Whether it’s a new way to nurture creativity, upgrade technology in the classroom, or increase opportunities for faculty training and development, endowment income will provide the means to keep Maret at the forefront when it comes to dynamic, innovative education.

Financial Aid

Increasing Maret’s financial aid resources is a leading priority. With our 108-year history in the Nation’s Capital, we seek to promote socioeconomic diversity and enroll talented students from our region who might not otherwise be able to afford an independent education. Maret has responded to increased need to support both current and new students. This wide range of students is more reflective of the world around us and clearly enriches the learning experience for all. Maret’s comprehensive financial support helps ensure that all of our students, regardless of their economic level, have the additional tools to be confident, successful learners and active members of our school community.


The faculty is the heart of Maret. The daily interactions between students and teachers define the dynamic and inspiring educational environment at our school. As educators, role models, and mentors, Maret’s teachers are uniquely mission-driven and reflect the diversity of our student community. In Washington’s competitive job market and high cost of living, ensuring excellence in teaching requires funding for meaningful, flexible, and creative strategies to continue to attract and retain top-notch professionals.

Professional development and programs for our faculty are a priority at Maret to make certain that our teachers are given the time and space to grow and continue to bring a thoughtful, dynamic and innovative approach to teaching. Our faculty are engaged, life-long learners, committed to integrating the best educational research and practices to ensure Maret students obtain essential skills for success in the 21st century.

Equity and Inclusion

At every grade level, our students receive a broad and deep educational experience that allows them to cultivate individual strengths and interests. With interconnected initiatives and efforts woven into the fabric of our school, the Maret community’s commitment to equity and inclusion runs deep. Our work is targeted at ensuring a sense of belonging and success for all students regardless of background, experience, or skill set. As outlined by the 2014-15 Equity Task Force and implemented by the School’s Committee on Equity and Inclusion, there are several areas of focus that reflect our comprehensive commitment. These initiatives further the capacity of students, faculty, and families to work across differences, breakdown stereotypes, and build community that is truly equitable and inclusive. Charting our course forward requires expanded funding, and endowing these efforts will ensure Maret’s ongoing progress and support of our community.