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Our Field of Dreams
Campaign Objective 1—$12 million to build Maret's New Athletic Fields Facility

Maret has built a dynamic and powerful athletic program. With 45 plus teams fielded each year, our athletes and teams compete and triumph despite having just one field on campus. For decades we have secured limited-use field access through community partnerships and investments in public facilities throughout the District. With this new facility, Maret will finally have its own home field advantage for our teams.
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In partnership with the Episcopal Center for Children in Chevy Chase DC, Maret will lease a parcel of land for 50 years and build a regulation-size baseball diamond and a large multipurpose field. Maret will have full control of these fields, and our first priority is to support our athletic programs. In response to the dearth of field space in Washington, these fields will also be made available for city youth athletic programs and immediate neighbors when not in use by Maret.

Field & Facility Highlights

  • Five-acre addition to Maret’s facilities
  • Partnership with Episcopal Center for Children (ECC) for a 50 year-lease
  • Regulation size multipurpose field
  • Regulation-size baseball diamond
  • Team house for locker Rooms and storage
  • Less than 3 miles from Maret
  • A facility serving Maret and the D.C. Community
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Over the last three decades, Maret has improved or expanded all facets of our campus to meet the evolving needs of our programs. This transformative project supporting our athletic program will help us realize our mission and ensure that Maret athletes continue to thrive both on and off the field.