Planned Giving

Long-term gifts provide enduring support for teaching and learning at Maret. A gift to the Future Fund is a legacy that lives forever.

maret school future fundThe Future Fund is open to donors who include Maret in their estate planning or make other long-term gifts to the School. Through careful gift planning with a financial advisor, Future Fund donors have peace of mind knowing that they have provided for their families today, while fulfilling their long-term philanthropic goals. Contributors to the Future Fund will be listed in Maret publications in perpetuity.


Bequests, the most common planned gifts, can be made either by including Maret School in your will or through the addition of a codicil arranging for a bequest to the School. A percentage of the estate, a fixed dollar amount, or a particular asset can be gifted to Maret.

Why Are Bequests Important to Maret?

As we seek to strengthen our endowment, bequests are particularly important. Bequests may be unrestricted or designated to the general endowment, to a particular endowed fund, or to a program agreed upon with the School.

How Will My Gift to Maret Be Used?

Unrestricted bequests are used where they are most needed. The majority will be added to our endowment. If you wish, you may request that your gift be added to an existing endowment, such as one designated for faculty salaries or scholarships. If you are interested in establishing a new fund or designating your bequest to a particular program, please discuss your plans with the Development Office.

What is the School's Legal Name?

It is very important that the name be written correctly in your will. The legal name and address is:

Maret School, Inc.
3000 Cathedral Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008

For more information on making a bequest to Maret, please contact Director of Development Sally Dunkelberger at 202.939.8811 or

Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity (CGA) is a contract between a donor and Maret. The donor makes a gift of cash or stock and Maret agrees to make fixed payments for the lifetime(s) of one or two individuals. After your lifetime (or your beneficiary's lifetime), the remainder of the gift goes to Maret. The minimum gift amount is $25,000. It’s a retirement tool that’s good for you and good for Maret.

Benefits to You

  • A portion of your gift is tax deductible
  • You receive a guaranteed fixed income for life
  • Annuity rates are highly attractive
  • A portion of your annuity income will be tax-free

Benefits to Maret

  • The remaining principal goes to Maret when the contract ends
  • Maret’s endowment grows, helping to assure the greatest financial flexibility and security


Disbursements: Gift annuity payments are based on rates set by the American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA). Under the ACGA’s rates, the older the age of the person receiving gift annuity payments, the higher the rate of return.

Timing: Depending on your age, a gift annuity contract can begin making payments immediately (a current gift annuity) or defer payments for at least one year (a deferred gift annuity). The minimum age to receive annuity income is 60 years old.

Immediate Tax Deduction: The donor receives a current federal income tax deduction for a portion of the gift.

Taxation of Payments: A predetermined portion of each gift annuity payment is tax-free. The remaining amount of each payment is taxable at ordinary tax rates.

Planned Giving Calculator: See how various charitable gift arrangements might work well for you.


For more information or if you would like us to prepare a personal proposal for you, please contact Director of Development Sally Dunkelberger at 202.939.8811 or

Retirement Plans

IRAs, paid-in-full life insurance plans, and other retirement plans are easy ways to make a planned gift to Maret. You may list Maret as a beneficiary (either as a single beneficiary or with other charities or family members) or as a contingent beneficiary in retirement plans or in paid-up life insurance policies. Please contact Director of Development Sally Dunkelberger at 202.939.8811 or


There are several forms of trusts that involve the irrevocable transfer of assets. Individually established trusts provide immediate or deferred income to the donor, a family member, or others for a set period or for life; the remainder of the principle would be transferred to Maret.

Alternatively, a trust can provide income to Maret for a designated period of time with a family member or other individual as the recipient of the remainder. Please contact Director of Development Sally Dunkelberger at 202.939.8811 or

Personal Property

Gifts of real estate, art, jewelry or other forms of personal property can be willed to Maret. As the donor, you can set up any preferred personal provisions. All gifts of personal property must be thoroughly reviewed by the Gift Acceptance Committee.

One such arrangement might be a Retained Life Estate by which the donor can immediately deed a home to Maret, while retaining the right to live in it for life.

For more information please contact Director of Development Sally Dunkelberger at 202.939.8811.

About the Logo

In Ancient Rome, laurel wreaths symbolized victory; they also were seen as tokens of peace and tranquility. It was believed that the laurel plant possessed powers of immortality. As we look to Maret’s school seal for inspiration, the laurel branch complements the many goals of thoughtful planned giving.