History Has Its Eyes On Us!

Rising to the Occasion

Saturday, February 27, 2021


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This year's Hamilton-infused Scholarship Auction will be virtual. The Auction committees are working hard to provide a wonderful experience and more details will be coming soon! We can always use more volunteers to make the event even more special so sign up TODAY!

Volunteer for the Scholarship Auction


  • 25% of students at Maret receive financial aid
  • 100% of Auction proceeds support financial aid
  • 20% of financial aid budget is raised from the Auction

Scholarship Auction Committee

Chair: Richard Gervase
Live Chair: Ann Rakestraw
Silent Chair: Renee Footer
Advertising Co-Chairs: Tammy Horn and Claudia Meer
Decorations Co-Chairs: Bob Braddock and Tim Makepeace

Email Chanelle Blackwell at maretauction@maret.org or call 202-939-2463.