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Middle School (5–8)

Middle School Wellness class supports students as they explore their identities, develop into independent thinkers, and broaden their social and community circles.

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Students enter a new phase of development in Middle School, and the Wellness program meets them where they are during this exciting time of change.

Our aim is to help every student become more adept at navigating toward their fullest potential. Guiding middle schoolers as they form their sense of identity, find their voice, learn self-care, and develop awareness of—and respect for—others leads to better learning, a greater sense of connection and belonging, and the confidence to try new things.

Wellness lessons are both carefully planned and also flexible, allowing teachers to take time to address issues in students' lives and the world as they arise. 

Wellness Curriculum

Courses cover all six prongs of wellness: Identity, Digital Citizenship, Sexuality, Mental Health, Physical Health, and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). The Middle School Wellness Curriculum reviews and strengthens the skills learned in Lower School, and expands the breadth and depth of the six prongs of wellness.

Course Content by Grade Level

Middle  School Wellness Skills

  • Mindfulness skills

  • Self advocacy in both academic and social settings

  • Defining identity (race, gender, family structure, socio economic status, ability, religion

  • Identifying, disrupting and challenging stereotypes, microaggressions, discrimination, prejudice and privledge

  • Making healthy choices for both physical, mental, and social-emotional well-being

  • Safely navigating digital spaces (text, social media, email)

Pause. Breathe. Focus.

Mindful moments help middle school students re-center, rejuvenate, and re-focus. The positive effect these minibreaks have on classes is so significant that some teachers incorporate these techniques into daily class time.

Wellness Class Frequency

The themes of the Wellness curriculum are integrated and reinforced in the academic curriculum, the PE and Athletics programs, and in the advising program. 

Grade Level Class Time
Grades 5–6 1x / week for 45 minutes

Grades 7–8

1x / week for 55 minutes

Physical Education / Athletics

Grades 5–6 meet for PE four times a week for 50 minutes.
Grades 7–8 meet for Athletics three days a week for interscholastic team sports.

The PE / Athletics program promotes students’ physical growth and fitness and supports their social and emotional well-being. Students in Maret’s interscholastic athletics program develop physical, emotional, and cognitive skills that enable them to become effective team members.

Middle School Contacts

Dominic Redd
Director of Middle School

Heidi Bachman
Middle School Learning Specialist

Vanessa Robin
Middle School Counselor

Rob Achtmeyer
Fifth Grade Dean

Julie Johnson
Sixth Grade Dean

Jua Fluellen
Seventh Grade Dean

Kara Kling
Eighth Grade Dean