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Upper School (9–12)

In Upper School, Wellness class helps students turn their knowledge and skills into positive action.

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When we empower students with knowledge and encourage dialogue, they are able to self-advocate and get the support they need, making our community a healthier space for everyone.” Dr. LaNaadrian Easterling, Director of Counseling.

Wellness Curriculum

Courses cover all six prongs of wellness: Identity, Digital Citizenship, Sexuality, Mental Health, Physical Health, and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). 

Course Content by Grade Level

Upper  School Wellness Skills

  • Managing stress
  • Practicing self advocacy in both academic and social settings
  • Defining identity (race, sexual orientation, gender, family structure, socio economic status, ability, religion)
  • Identifying, disrupting, and challenging stereotypes, microaggressions, discrimination, prejudice, and privilege
  • Making healthy choices for physical, mental, and social-emotional well-being
  • Safely navigating digital spaces
  • Cultivating life skills and preparing for college


Wellness isn't just a class.

Although Wellness is a stand-alone class, the themes of the curriculum are reinforced and integrated in Advising, PE / Athletics, College Counseling, and other co- and extracurricular activities. Teachers, coaches, grade deans, and administrators work together to support upper school students in all aspects of school life.
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Wellness Class Frequency

Classes are taught by Maret faculty members, including the director of counseling and school nurses.

Grade Level Class Time
Grades 9–12 1x / week for 45 minutes

Physical Education / Athletics

Students participate in a combination of Physical Education options and interscholastic team sports, 11 out of 12 seasons between ninth and twelfth grades.

The PE / Athletics program promotes fitness and supports students' social and emotional well-being.  Upper school students have 25 junior varsity and varsity sports to choose from, as well as nine different PE options.

Upper School Contacts

Steven Tejada
Director of Upper School

Dr. Jess Matthews Upper School Learning Specialist; Tenth Grade Dean

Dr. LaNaadrian Easterling
Director of Counseling;
Upper School Counselor

Nina Candia
Assistant Director of Upper School; Ninth Grade Dean

Allie Levey
Director of College Counseling; Eleventh Grade Dean

Lynn Levinson
Assistant Head: Student Life; Twelfth Grade Dean

Alison Goradia
Head Nurse